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Hepatitis C Education & prevention.

Pain BC - Chronic Pain Management

SmartMom Mobile Health Education

Cerebral Palsy Information & Resources 

Addiction Recovery Resource   1-888-733-5032

Asthma Society of Canada   1-866-787-4050

British Columbia Lung Association   1-800-665-5864

Canadian Cancer Society   1-888-939-3333

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse   1-613-235-4048

Canadian Diebetes Association   1-800-226-8464

Canadian lung Association   1-888-566-5864

Canadian Mental Health Association   1-416-484-7750

Community AIDS Treatment Info Exchange   1-800-263-1638

Health Canada   1-866-225-0709

Heart and Stroke Foundation   1-613-569-4361

Kidney Foundation of Canada   1-800-361-7494

Knowing/Tracking your Medications � Knowledge is the Best Medicine

Northern Travel & Vaccination Clinic

The Arthritis Society   1-800-321-1433

Northern BC Crisis Prevention Line      1-888-564-8336



Police Emergency   911

Fire Emergency 911
Ambulance   911


Lakes District Hospital & Health Centre 250-692-2400

BC Children's Hospital   1-888-300-3088

BC Nurse Line - Talk to a Nurse  @ HealthLink BC  Dial 8-1-1

BC Problem Responsible & Problem Gambling Helpline   1-888-795-6111

BC Women'sHospital & Health Centre   1-888-300-3088

Burns Lake Elizabeth Fry Society   250-692-7559


St. Paul's Hospital 604-682-2344

Sunny Hill   1-888-300-3088

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill   1-800-739-7367

University Hospital of Northern BC


Vancouver General Hospital


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