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Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Ny

While buy here, pay here dealerships can make buying a car more accessible, there are some potential drawbacks to consider before buying a car this way. So, what is a buy here, pay here dealership and how should you decide if it's right for you? Here's what to know.

buy here pay here dealers ny

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A buy here, pay here dealership is a specialized car dealership for buyers who may have a challenging time securing financing to purchase a vehicle. With a buy here, pay here dealership, you'll receive in-house financing from the dealership itself. These dealerships specialize in working with car buyers who may not be able to qualify for traditional auto financing. As such, it's common to see them advertise with signs like "bad credit, no credit, no problem."

Compared to traditional auto loans, loans offered by BHPH dealers may have higher interest rates, which can make it more challenging to keep up with your payments. If you don't pay on time, you could risk having your vehicle repossessed.

Before you purchase a car, it's important to ask the dealer about its repossession policy. State laws on the matter can vary, so it's important to know upfront what could happen if you can't afford to make your monthly payments. Even within each state, dealerships can vary in how they deal with repossessions, and some may be willing to work with you if you can't afford your payments. Understanding what to expect before you sign the contract can help you determine whether or not to work with the dealer.

In some cases, you may be considered in default as soon as you miss a payment, and the dealer could repossess the car without prior notice. In other cases, dealers may even install a tracking device or a "kill switch" in the vehicle to prevent it from starting if you miss a payment. However, they can't break the law during the process.

If the dealer does repossess your car, it may show up on your credit report, which can make it even harder to get access to traditional auto financing options in the future. That said, a repossession may not impact your ability to buy another car from a BHPH dealer because there's no credit check involved in the process.

BHPH dealers can offer a valuable service, but it may come at a price. If you're thinking about buying a car from a BHPH dealer, take some time first to research alternatives, including traditional auto lenders.

If you've determined that a BHPH dealership is your only option, take some time to research dealers in your area, and compare their selection of vehicles, their loan terms, and which steps they may take if you end up defaulting on the loan.

Vehicle price is not controlled by any government agency. Take time to choose a vehicle that meets your needs and budget. Before you buy a vehicle, compare prices by checking newspaper ads and visit a number of dealers and/or private sellers. Then take it for a test drive. If you are knowledgeable, examine the engine, transmission, drive axles, steering and suspension, brakes and electrical system. If you do not know what to look for, it may be wise to pay a professional automotive technician to examine the vehicle.

If you have a complaint about your vehicle, bring it to the attention of the dealership management right away. Keep a record of all contacts with the dealer about the vehicle and any repairs or adjustments made. Keep copies of all work orders and invoices as proof of your attempts to resolve the problem.

There are many ways to pay for a vehicle. Some people pay for the car in full with cash. Others prefer a loan from a dealership, bank, or credit union. If you are considering a loan and have less-than-stellar credit, however, your options may be more limited.

If you see car lots advertising cars for people with bad credit and no credit, they're likely buy-here, pay-here car lots. While they may be attractive at first glance, these types of loans should be approached with extreme care.

If you see the term "tote the note," it is likely this type of dealership. The reason they are able to offer financing without credit is that they act as their own bank. Instead of getting paid cash when selling the car, BHPH dealers carry the loan themselves. Your payments are made to the car dealership and the dealer repossesses the car if you don't pay as agreed.

You may also find a higher quality selection of vehicles at a more traditional car dealership. Down payments and monthly costs are a driving factor of car budgets for most people. But when you get auto financing from a third party instead of the car lot, you can choose any car in your budget from any seller.

According to the CFPB, you may end up paying thousands of dollars more than the value of the vehicle in financing charges. Overall, if you are able to do so, avoiding buy-here, pay-here dealerships and car loans is the better choice.

This means you will be paying high interest rates and have to make regular monthly payments with no long-term benefits to your finances. Do not get a car loan from a BHPH dealership with the goal of improving your credit with the loan.

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The Los Angeles Times examined the industry in a three part series last year. The Times revealed how the industry escapes government oversight given to many lending industries by having dealerships that are hybrids of the car dealership and financing industries. The series attracted the attention of at least three legislators who introduced legislation to reform the industry. Two of these bills passed the full Assembly yesterday.

(a) No buy-here-pay-here dealer, as that term is defined in Section 241 of the Vehicle Code, shall sell or lease a used vehicle, as defined in Section 665 of the Vehicle Code, at retail price without giving the buyer or lessee a written warranty that shall have a minimum duration of at least 30 days from the date of delivery or when the odometer has registered 1,000 miles from what is shown on the contract, whichever occurs first.

(b) The written warranty shall provide that if the buyer or lessee notifies the buy-here-pay-here dealer that the vehicle does not conform to the written warranty, the buy-here-pay-here dealer shall either repair the vehicle to conform to the written warranty, reimburse the buyer or lessee for the reasonable cost of repairs, or cancel the sale or lease contract and provide the buyer or lessee with a full refund, less a reasonable amount for any damage sustained by the vehicle after the sale or lease, excepting damage caused by any nonconformity with the written warranty.

(c) The written warranty shall provide that the buy-here-pay-here dealer shall pay 100 percent of the cost of labor and parts for any repairs pursuant to the warranty, and may not charge the buyer or lessee for the cost of repairs or for inspecting the vehicle, tearing down the engine or transmission or other part, or for any deductible. Any person performing repairs pursuant to this subdivision shall comply with the requirements of an automotive repair dealer pursuant to Chapter 20.3 (commencing with Section 9880) of Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code.

(d) The buy-here-pay-here dealer or its agent may elect to refund the buyer or lessee a full refund, less a reasonable amount for any damage sustained by the vehicle after the sale or lease, excepting damage caused by any nonconformity with the written warranty, rather than performing a repair. In the event that the buy-here-pay-here dealer cancels the sale or lease, all of the following shall apply:

(2) The buyer or lessee shall return the vehicle in substantially the same condition as when it was delivered by the buy-here-pay-here dealer, reasonable wear and tear and any nonconformity with the written warranty excepted.

(5) The buyer or lessee shall execute the documents necessary to transfer any interest in the vehicle to the buy-here-pay-here dealer or to remove the buyer or lessee from any registration or title documents.

(6) The buy-here-pay-here dealer shall refund to the buyer or lessee, no later than the day after the day on which the buyer or lessee returns the vehicle and the notice of election to cancel is given to the buyer or lessee, all amounts paid under the sale or lease agreement, less a reasonable amount for property damage sustained by the vehicle after the sale or lease, excepting damage caused by any nonconformity with the warranty.

(f) Any Used Car Buyer's Guide displayed on a vehicle offered for sale or lease by a buy-here-pay-here dealer shall list each of the above systems and components and shall specify that the buy-here-pay-here dealer will pay 100 percent of the cost of parts and labor for repairs covered by the warranty.

(g) The buy-here-pay-here dealer shall make the repair or provide a refund notwithstanding the fact that the warranty period has expired if the buyer or lessee notified the buy-here-pay-here dealer of the failure of a covered system or part within the warranty period. 041b061a72


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