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[S1E8] Shrink Wrap Free

Martha tells Paul that her husband died and left her with a worthless pension and she was desperate for money and it was better to take it from a bad person then a good one and she didn't know that she would kill herself. Paul tells her that Mary Alice was a good person. Martha tells her that she left the child motherless and tells him to read the bible because suicide is a big no. Paul asks her if she is feeling any guilt and she tells him that she didn't kill herself because of the note she killed herself because of what she did to the poor baby. She tells him that she is praying for Mary Alice because she is in need of all of their prayers. Paul takes the blender that Martha borrowed from Mary Alice long time ago and hits her in the head. Martha collapses. Paul starts strangling Martha and she desperately tries to fight back but fails. Martha becomes still, and Paul wraps her body in her kitchen rug.

[S1E8] Shrink Wrap



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