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Mildred (Milly) Durban has spent a good part of her life on the Southside. She has been coming to the Southside Health and Wellness Centre (SHWC) for several years, after she fell and broke her hip. She was in the hospital in Prince George, and needed to see a physiotherapist following hip surgery, but there wasn't one available at the time. Not long after that, she fell and broke the same hip again. She had the hip surgery, and after she was discharged from Prince George hospital, she had to travel to Houston twice weekly for 2 months to receive physiotherapy. It was expensive and not easy getting back and forth. The physiotherapist (Mike) had heard there was an exercise program at the SHWC and encouraged Milly to attend. She checked out the program, and has been coming more or less twice a week since then to the chair yoga exercises held at the Centre. Milly feels that the exercise program has been great for her. Her doctor told her that she would likely not be able to walk even with a walker if she weren't doing the exercises regularly. Milly encourages anyone out there with arthritis, or any other kind of health problem where mobility is a problem to come to the centre for the exercise classes. The sessions will "gradually make you better". And - there are some "really nice people" working at the Centre that she loves to visit with when she comes for the exercise class.


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