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Looking forward to serving for Southside Health and Wellness Centre -- Hope to see you at our centre!

Alain Vitela-Campos Alain Vitela-Campos - Board Chair. Representing Southside Community. I am the pastor of Grassy Plains Gospel Church and moved to the community from Hamilton, Ontario when I accepted the position in October 2012. I was born in Peru and moved to Canada in 1978. My wife's name is Teresa. She was born in Mexico and moved to Canada after we were married in 1997. We have two children, Zoё age 14 and Rafael age 6. I became part of the Board of Directors in the spring of 2013 and have been the Chairman since that time.   Blessings,

Hazel Burt Hazel Burt - Vice Chair. Representing Cheslatta Carrier Nation Community. ...

Franz Nathaus Franz Nathaus - Representing Southside Community. ...

Joseph Skin Joseph Skin - Representing Skin Tyee Nation Community. I have lived in the Southside community my whole life, and have been blessed to witness all the posative changes to our beautiful communities. I am a councillor/comprehensive community planner for the Skin Tyee and representative for the Skin Tyee community in regards to the Southside Health & Wellness Centre's Board of Directors.

Patricia Prince Patricia Prince - Representing Nee Tahi Buhn Nation Community. ...

Bonnie Moroski Bonnie Moroski - Representing Southside Community. I have lived here my whole life like my dad and also my grandfather. I live at Ootsa Lake on the homestead my grand father settled when him and his brothers came over from England in the 1800's. We live on a farm raising beef cattle and I'm also a foster mother. so the south side is my home and means a lot to me.

Marie Hunter Marie Hunter - Representing Northern Health Authority. ...

Bonnie Moroski Dr. Travis Holyk - Representing Carrier Sekani Family Services. Dr. Travis is the Executive Director of Research, Primary Care, and Strategic Services for Carrier Sekani Family Services, an organization responsible for health, social and legal services for First Nations people of the Carrier and Sekani territory. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia in the First Nations Studies Department. Travis holds a Doctorate in Education from Simon Fraser University and through his diverse training is able to merge health administration with knowledge acquisition and translation. He has been involved in the development of information sharing agreements in the health sector, research ethics policy development and has conducted a considerable amount of research into health and social issues. As Executive Director, he currently oversees a number of portfolios including Research and Evaluation, Primary Care, Nursing, Family Justice, Intensive Family Preservation, and Information Technology. Health research currently underway includes bioethics, youth suicide, environmental health and primary care.


Jesse Jack Jesse Jack - Representing Cheslatta Carrier Nation Community. ...

Postal Address: 27920 Wellness Way, Burns Lake BC V0J 1E4.
Geographical Location: 27920 Wellness Way, Grassy Plains BC
Phone # 694-3270    Fax # 694-3290